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Shasta Hubbs
Extension Assistant
Center for Profitable Agriculture

Shasta Hubbs worked with the Center for Profitable Agriculture as a part-time Extension Assistant and coordinated their Farm-to-Market initiative. The Center’s Farm-to-Market initiative was in coordination with the UT Plant Sciences Department, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the UT Organic Initiative. Shasta worked as the coordinator of special initiatives and educational programs related to Farm-to-Market activities, such as Farm-to-Chef, Farm-to-School, Farm-to-Grocery, Direct Marketing to Consumers and so on. Shasta’s work was aimed at identifying existing Farm-to-Market groups and activities and the creation of new, successful relationships between these various groups. Shasta also served as an Extension Marketing Specialist from 2001 to 2002 when the Center was located on the UT Agricultural Campus in Knoxville. After leaving the Center, Shasta has continued to focus her career on small business marketing for varying types of businesses in the private sector.