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Frequently Used Tools:

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Alamo SH74 Flail Mower

The mower is best used to provide a rough cut to taller grass where contact with loose debris may be possible.

Allis-Chalmers Model G Cultivating Tractor

Produced between 1948 and 1955, this compact tractor was designed for vegetable gardeners, small farms and landscape businesses. Only 30,000 units were built. Though it was very popular with vegetable farmers, it did not meet the needs of farmers growing grain.

Almaco Light Duty Grain Drill

Light duty units are for conventional or reduced tillage applications. Adjustable row units and interchangeable spinner heads offer flexible row spacing. 
Imants Spader

Imants Spader

The spader can incorporate large amounts of organic material, such as crop residue, straw, compost or green manure. With regular use, both the aerobic quality of the soil and drainage is greatly improved, while fields may be prepared for planting in just one pass with use of the spader with power harrow.

Maschio Multivator

The multivator is a between row cultivator with three rototiller-like heads. It is used primarily for cultivating annual row crops or perennial crops. The heads may be adjusted to various widths, allowing it to be used for strip-tillage.

Mill Creek Row Mulcher

Applies mulch and similar organic materials by side spreading, drop spreading and remote side spreading.

Brillon Seed Cultipacker

Packs soil around seeds to increase seed to soil contact and create a firm seed bed.

I & J Mfg. Roller Crimper

Offers mechanical control for cover crop kill by rolling and macerating crops to create a thick mat of mulch. 

RCC42 Single Spinner Rotary Cutter

The RCC42 compact rotary cutter cuts through grasses, weeds, and light brush up to 1-inch in diameter in pastures, trails, fence rows, meadows, and gardens. Sturdy side frames with tapered full-length side skids, and a smooth, sloped deck that sheds water and debris are just two of the quality features that ensure years of worry-free performance.

Offset Disc

Offset discs are used to create seed beds with much less impact than a traditional plow. The angle of the discs can be adjusted as needed.

Cultimulcher Do-all

Used to cultivate field soil and prepare seed beds which much less impact than a traditional plow. Tines can be adjusted to till to different depths. The 'eggbeater' then breaks clumps and creates a smooth seed bed.

No-Till Transplanter

This device is pulled behind a tractor and allows workers to insert transplant plugs into a field that has not been tilled.

Bush Hog

This is a rotary tiller that is attached to the back of a tractor and used for preparing seedbeds.