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Crop Rotation


ABCs of Organic Certification - Archived Webinar  
ATTRA Organic Systems Plan Templates  
eOrganic Overview of Organic Systems Plan  
Getting EQIPed: USDA Conservation Programs for Organic and Transitioning Farmers - Archived Webinar  
Guide to Organic Certification of Vegetable Operations  
NOP - Searchable Database of Certified Organic Operations  
Organic Certification of Research Sites and Facilities - Archived Webinar  
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)  
Responsibilities of Certified Operations Changing Certifying Agents  
Rodale Institute Online Certification Tools  
TN Crop Improvement Association  
TN Dept. of Ag. Organics  
TN Dept. of Ag. Organic Certification Cost Share Program  
USDA National Organic Program  
Using NRCS Conservation Practices and Programs to Transition to Organic - Webinar  
UT Organic Certification in TN
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Companion Planting/Interplanting  
ATTRA Companion Planting- Basic Concept and Resources  
Cornell Cooperative Extension Companion  
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ATTRA Compost Publications  
CEFS Composting on Organic Farms  
Cornell Composting  
UC Cooperative Extension Composting Education Project  
UC Organic Soil Fertility Management Symposium  
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Cover Crops  
Choosing the Bes Cover Crops for Your Organic No Till Vegetable System
Cover Cropping for Pollinators and Beneficial Insects- SARE bulletin
Cover Crops: Crop Rotation, Weed Control and Nutrient Contributions
A Look at the Newly Released Organic Pasture Rule - Archived Webinar
Cover Crops and Green Manure
ATTRA Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures
CEFS Cover Crops for Organic Farms  
Cornell University: Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers  
ISU Effect of Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic Vegetables  
NRCS Cover and Green Manure Crop Benifits to Soil Quality  
NCSU Summer Cover Crops  
Winter Rye: A Reliable Cover Crop
OSU Cover Crops for Home Gardens
Managing Cover Crops in Conservation Tillage Systems
SARE Managing Cover Crops Profitably
Forage and Field Crop Seeding Guide for Tennessee
UC SAREP Cover Crop Resource Page
Cover Crops For Organic Farms
Cover Crops for Sustainable Production
UT Forage Research

UT PB378 Forage & Field Crop Seeding Guide for TN

Virginia Association for Biological Farming  
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Crop Budgets  
AGR-Lite Wizard  
I-FARM - how to get the most out of the land at the least cost  
Organic Farming Financial Benchmarks - Archived Webinar  
Planning Your Organic Farm for Profit - Webinar  
Rutgers Organic Crop Budgets  
University of Kentucky Crop Budgets  
Whole Farm Insurance Assessment Tool  
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Crop Production and Processing  
A Guide to On-farm Processing for Organic Producers  
ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service  
SARE Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education  
CEFS Organic Production Guide  
UC Postharvest Handling for Organic Crops  
Rodale Institute  
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Crop Rotation  
CEFS Crop Rotations on Organic Farms  
KS Rural Center Sustainable Agriculture Management Guides- Crop Rotation  
Planning for Flexibility in Effective Crop Rotations - Webinar  
Rodale How to Zap Pests, Build Soil with Cover Crops in Strategic Crop Rotations  
SARE Crop Rotation on Organic Farms: A Planning Manual  
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Disease Management  
ATTRA Disease Management Publications  
Cornell University Resource Guide for Organic Insect & Disease Management  
Cornell University Vegetable MD  
eOrganic Plant Disease Management  
Marrone BioInnovations Biopesticide CEU Course  
NCSU Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South: Disease Management  
The Ohio State University Hot Water and Chlorine Treatment of Vegetable Seeds to Eradicate Bacterial Pathogens  
The Ohio State University Organic Fruit Disease Management Guides  
Organic Late Blight Management - Archived Webinar  
Penn State Vegetable Disease Identification  
University of California Plant Disease Management for Organic Crops  
University of Florida Organic Mangement of Vegetable Diseases Part I: Soilborne Pathogens  
University of Flordia Organic Managemnet  of Vegetable Diseases Part II: Foliar Pathogens  
University of Vermont Organic Disease Management  
West Virginia University KTFREC- Diagnostic Keys to Major Fruit Diseases  
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Food Safety  
Good Agricultural Practices: On-Farm Food Safety from Penn State University  
Cornell University National GAPs Program
Food Safety Bill Amended
NC Market Ready Fresh Produce Safety Portal
KY Department of Agriculture Good Agricultural Practices Educational Resources
University of Minnesota FSP4U - A Food Safety Plan for You
Penn State Food Safety Manual Template  
New Mexico State University Downloadable Food Safety Signs  
Primus Field Audit Program  
Primus Facility Audit Program  
UC Good Agricultural Practices: A Self-Audit for Growers and Handlers  
USDA Audit Checklist  
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Fruit Production  
Weed Control in Organic Grape Production
SRSFC Muscadines
Organic Small Fruit Disease Management Guidelines
2012 Production Guide for Organic Grapes
Lockwood- slides
Strawberries: Organic Production
Organic Grape Production
SRSFC Bunch Grapes
Blackberry and Rasberry Growers Information Portal - NCState
Southeast Regional Strawberry Integrated Pest Management Guide
Production Guide for Organic Strawberries
Organic Strawberry Production
University of Maine: Organic Wildberry Production
The Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium
Ohio State: Integrated Management of Blueberry Diseases
Extension: Organic Blueberry Production Webinar
Cornell: 2010 Production Guide for Organic Blueberries
Ten Basics of When and How to Prune Fruit Trees
Pruning Peaches and Nectarines
Training and Pruning Fruit Trees
ATTRA Blueberries, Organic Production
NC State: Blueberry Production for Local Sales and Small Pick Your Own Operators
US Highbush Blueberry Council
Annual Plasticulture Strawberry Production
High Tunnel Strawberry Production
INtegrated Management of Strawberry Diseases
Southeast Regional Strawberry Plasticulutre Production Guide
Fruit Resources - Cornell
Physiology of Pruning Fruit Trees
Organic Blueberry Production - Archived Webinar
How to Prune Fruit Trees
The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
Apple Production: Wooden's Apple House
Southeastern Peach Growers' Handbook
2013 Southeast Pest Management and Culture Guide
ATTRA: Organic and Low-Spay Peach Production
UT Disease and Insect Control in Home Fruit Plantings
The North American Raspberriy and Blackberries Association
A Guide to High Tunnel Raspberries and Blackberries- Conventional
Using High Tunnels to Produce Blackberries Organically in West Virginia Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium- Brambles
Production- Raspberries and Blackberries
Organic Small Fruit Disease Management Guidelines
Organic Blackberries and Raspberries
Lockwood- Slides
Undercover Nutrient Investigation: The Effects of Mulch on Nutrients for Blueberry - Archived Webinar
Production- Raspberries and Blackberries
The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
Growing Cane Fruit
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Grower Organizations  
TOGA (Tennessee Organic Growers Association)  
TFVA (Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Association)  
SSAWG (Southern Sustainable Agricultural Working Group)  
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Grower Resource Lists  
Farmers’ Guide to the Conservation Stewardship Program  
Food Hub Resource Guide  
Growing Small Farms, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Chatham Co.  
Methods of Retail Sale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  
Organic Materials Review Institute - lists of accepted and prohibited substances  
Pollinator ToolKit  
Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers  
So You Want to State A Farm? Resources the Beginning Farmer  
New York State Integrated Pest Management Program's Organic Guides for Fruit, Vegetables, and Dairy  
University of Tennessee Vegetable Production Program Supply Sources ***NOTE: These are sources for both organic and conventional producers. If you are an organic producer, always check with your certifying agency before using a new product in your operation.  
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High Tunnels

ATTRA Season Extension Techniques for Market Gardens  
Au Naturel Farm  
Eliot Coleman's Four Season Farm  
Cornell University- High Tunnels  
Crop Tunnels and Plastic Mulch  
eOrganic Season Extension  
Grafting Tomatoes for Organic Open Field and High Tunnel Production - Archived Webinar  
NCSU Growing Small Farms- Season Extension  
High Tunnel Production and Low Cost Tunnel Construction - Archived Webinar  
Iowa State University- High Tunnel Bramble Production  
Penn State Center for Plasticulture- High Tunnels  
Rutgers University- High Tunnel Project  
University of Missouri - High Tunnel Tomato Production
University of Missouri - High Tunnel Melon and Watermelon Production
University of Missouri - Growing Strawberries in High Tunnels in Missouri
University of Vermont -‘High Tunnels: Using low-cost technology to increase yields, improve quality, and extend the season’ manual  
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Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project-Marketing Resources for Growers
ATTRA Marketing Publications  
Center for Profitable Agriculture - Marketing Publications  
eOrganic Marketing and Food Systems  
Growing for Market  
Hartman Group-"Current State of the Organic Consumer" Webinar  
NCSU- Growing Small Farms-Marketing  
Organic Fruit and Vegetable Market Reports- Free Every Monday  
Rodale Institute- Organic Price Report  
SARE - Marketing Stratagies for Farmers and Ranchers
SARE - Local Harvest: A Multifarm CSA Handbook  
USDA- Emerging Issues in the Organic Industry  
USDA-AMS- Organic Fruit and Vegetable Market Reports  
USDA- Marketing U.S. Organic Foods: Trends from Farms to Consumers  
UT Center for Profitable Agriculture  
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Native Bees/Pollination  
Michigan State University Pollination and Bees  
Pollinator Partnership Page  
UC Berkeley Urban Bee Gardens  
University of Georgia Honey Bee Program  
UT Bees and Beekeeping  
SARE Publication: Managing Alternative Pollinators  
The Xerces Society  
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Organics in Food Service  
OAPEI Taste the Change: How to Go Organic on Campus  
UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems  
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Other Useful TN Sites  
East TN Research and Education Center  
Department of Plant Sciences  
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources  
UT Vegetable Production Program  
Tennessee Department of Agriculture  
UT Variety Trail Summaries
Tennessee Farm Fresh
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Pest Management  
ATTRA Pest Management Publications  
Biointesive Pest Management  
Biorationals: Ecological Pest Management Database  
Bug Guide  
The Bugwood Network  
Cornell University - Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America  
Cornell University- Organic IPM Guides for Fruit  
Cornell University- Organic IPM Guides for Vegetables  
Cornell University- Resource Guide for Organic Insect & Disease Management  
Michigan State University Enhancing Beneficial Insects with Native Plants  
Organic IPM Field Guide  
PennState Pest Management Website  
Pest Management Strategic Plan for Organic Potato Production in the West  
SARE Managing Insects on Your Farm  
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Seeds and Seed Saving  
AOSCA Organic Seed Finder  
Oregon State University Collecting and Storing Seeds From Your Garden  
Organic Seed Alliance Publications  
Washington State University Saving Seed/Heirloom Vegetables  
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Soil Management  
ATTRA Soils Publications  
CEFS Soil Quality Considerations  
Naural Resources Conservation Service- Soil Biology  
SARE Building Soils for Better Crops  
UT Soil, Plant and Pest Center  
UC Organic Soil Fertility Management Symposium  
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Auburn University Soil Solarization for Control of Nematodes and Soilborne Diseases  
Univesity of California Solarization Information Website  
University of Florida Solarization for Pest Management in Florida  
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Weed Management  
ATTRA Weed Management  
Biodegradable Mulch  
Flame Weeding for Vegetable Crops  
Manage Weeds Without Herbicides  
Manage Weeds With Rollers and Crimpers  
Manage Weeds With Crop Rotation  
Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands  
Steel in the Field: A Farmer’s Guide to Weed Management Tools  
UM Weed ID Guide  
Using Animals to Manage Weeds  
UT Weed Identification Tool  
UVM Ten Steps Toward Organic Weed Control  
UVM Cultivation Equipment for Weed Control: Pros, Cons and Sources  
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide  
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Vegetable Production:
Early Blight Management for Organic Tomato Production
Wszelaki Handout- Organic Tomato Production 

Organic Tomato Production
Organic Tomatoes
Managemnet of Non- Pathogenic Fruit Disorders of Tomato in Organic Production Systems
Managing Diseases of Organic Tomatoes in Greenhouses and High Tunnels High Tunnel Tomato Production: Evaluating Heirloom and Hybrid Varieties for Early-Season Availability
Organic Managment of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato with Copper Products Field Production of Organic Tomatoes