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Armaa Johnson
Student Intern


After a twelve-year hiatus from school, Armaa decided to return to complete his bachelors’ degree and further continue onto post-graduate education. He worked in the television industry during his hiatus and gained valuable experiences, met many wonderful people, and developed well-rounded knowledge and skills in the art of filmmaking. With his growing interest in the sciences, specifically in soils and plants, and the global concerns in agricultural food production heavily influencing his decision, he decided to return to school. Armaa's excited to be part of this wonderful internship and is interested in exploring, learning and applying organic practices with sustainable approaches for organic food production, which he intends to introduce in his native land, Liberia. He believes organic is the future of food production and there needs to be a movement started in Africa. Armaa lives here in Knoxville with his wife and two year old daughter – his joy of wonderfulness.