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Danielle Kalbes
Student Intern


Danielle Kalbes is a student at the University of Tennessee pursuing a Plant Science degree with a concentration in Public Horticulture. Simply put, public horticulture is the study of plants and people together. A combination which made perfect sense to her.

You could say that Danielle's interest in plants began when she could crawl. By the time she was up and running, most of her time was spent roaming through the Tennessee woods. No plant, animal or insect along the way went unappreciated on her watch. Later, the long days of summer were spent hiking, camping and exploring swamps and creeks. Back then, her preferred diet of fruits and veggies both baffled and delighted her parents. Nowadays, they're hardly surprised she's chosen to pursue a life of them.
In the future, Danielle hopes to create happy and healthy lives for all people through plants. Whether she's producing organic fruits, nuts and vegetables or working to get healthy food to the deprived and hungry, she hopes to share and continuously discover the impact of the green world we live in and the benefits of harmony with our environment.