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Justin Leduc
Student Assistent


Justin was a student intern for the 2014 season. He currently works with Dr. Butler's team.

Justin is a non-traditional student with an A.S. degree from Chattanooga State Community College. Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, he fell in love with sociology in community college and decided to transfer to UT to pursue his B.A. in Environmental Sociology with a focus on environmental and social justice. While at UT he discovered that his passion for humanity's damaged connection with the natural world would lead him to a double major in Sociology and Plant Sciences. Hailing from the UT College of Arts and Sciences as a senior and a new arrival on the CSNAR campus in 2014, Justin joined the Organic and Sustainable UT Market Garden Internship with high hopes and great ambition. He intends to pursue a career in research in the realm of organic and sustainable agriculture with a strong sociological perspective. As well, he wants to start a small family farm with a focus on educating the public that he can pass on to future generations.

In Justin's free time he enjoys music and dancing, playing guitar and singing, drawing with pastels, and collecting and caring for a variety of plants. He is a loving father to two boys and a dedicated husband. Justin has had many experiences with a diverse array of people and places throughout the country during the nine years he spent as a freelance traveling artist after high school in Upstate New York. Justin has always had a passion for sustainable living and exploring ways to better our collective culture through positive social change.