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Philip Moore
Former Student Intern

Philip was an intern in the OSCP Program in 2011. He has always enjoyed working with food. His parents grew awesome produce in a small garden in their backyard. From an early age he could tell the difference between fresh foods and store bought. At 6 years, he baked his first cake. He was always helping or experimenting in the kitchen as a child. Throughout his adult life, he has consistently worked in restaurants. He enjoyed cooking so much he thought he would become a Chef. However, low pay and long hours caused him to rethink that decision. He came to the organic farm because he wanted to learn everything he could about the process of getting food from the farm to the table. Organics make sense to him because they don’t harm the environment or his own body. He plans to encourage ecological business initiatives throughout his career. With this hope, we can preserve our planet for future generations, while at the same time, profit from its resources.